Market Trends

The global broiler market is substantial, poultry meat contributes to human nutrition by providing high-quality protein and low levels of fat, with a desirable fatty acid profile. Poultry meat is among the animal-source food most widely eaten at the global level, across greatly diverse cultures, traditions, and religions (Poultry is the world’s primary source of animal protein, followed by pork).
The market for poultry meat is projected to increase regardless of region or income level, with per capita growth slightly higher in developing than in developed regions.
Demand for poultry meat is expected to continue increasing due to population growth and rising individual consumption. It is estimated at $300 billion per year (3.2% CAGR). Therefore industry’s leaders invest vast amounts to improve efficiency in minimal margins to further increase market value.
Ovo’s target customers are poultry integrations that are aiming to increase their production capacity by producing more male chicks (TAM $4.8 billion). With higher male ratio, farmers can produce more with the exact same feed, coops, equipment and personnel.

Global Broiler Meat Market is Big

And In Constant Growth

Animal Protein Production In million tons*

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***Mckinsey December 2021: Cultivated meat: out of the lab, into the frying pan