About us

Ovo Technology is an Ag-tech company established in 2018.
We developed a technique for sex reversal in order to increase the number of male broilers by using natural, plant-based materials which are safe for human consumption.
Our technology assists in improving production and efficiency in the broiler industry, which is the largest provider of animal-based protein, which is consumed by many diverse populations around the globe.
The broiler industry is one of the largest food industries in the world – it produces around 300 billion dollars each year. This industry is constantly striving to increase its production due to the high population growth worldwide, while maintaining high quality, nutritional values and the health of the poultry and the consumers.
Poultry meat production grows by 2% globally each year. Ovo will contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world by increasing production while reducing water, electricity and carbon emissions in every broiler growth cycle. Male broilers are more efficient than female broiler by about 15%, because they gain more weight in a better feed conversion.
At Ovo, we developed technology that increases meat production while using the exact same resources. We have discovered a way to reassign the sex of the chicken from a female broiler into a functional male broiler.

The Team

Yael Alter
Co Founder & CEO

25+ years’ experience as CEO and VP in various agriculture and poultry companies

Vardit Moshayoff
Chief Product officer

Ph.D in Molecular biology from Hebrew university, +15 years experience in the food and pharma industries

Itzik Avital
Professional Grower

Owns a 2.2 million broiler farm. Among the leading broiler growers in Israel

Oren Solomon
Hatching & Exp. Operation

Among the leading poultry growers in Israel with over 25 years experience

Alon Gozlan
VP Business Development

Experience in M&A, finance, strategy, fund raising and business development in startups and technology companies