OVO’s Mission

Moving forward, mankind has a dificult challenge ahead. With a growing population, climate change and limited resources, we need to create more with less. Ovo’s mission is to increase broiler production.

Our Formula

We developed an all-natural formula that influences sex development process in chicken embryos and reassigns female embryos to develop as male broilers. Our all-natural process does not harm hatchability and does not involve genetic modification or any additional hormonal and chemical treatment. The males hatching are healthy, vital, and have better feed conversion, or as we like to call them: “super-chicks”.

More Males?

We seek to help poultry farmers worldwide grow more with less. Male broilers are highly efficient in converting feed into meat and gaining weight in a shorter amount of time. More males allow poultry growers improved resource utilization and enhanced nutritional security.


<p>Safe &</p>

Safe &


We do not do genetic modification, use hormones, chemicals or toxins, or apply any other artificial intervention. Rather, we create healthy superchicks using 100% plant-based materials that are safe for human and animal consumption, in an efficient process that does not harm hatchability ratios.




By producing more males, we enable a reduction in the number of birds slaughtered, and reduce the stress associated with separating males and females on the final days of the growing stage.




By producing more with the same resources, we save electricity and water, reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and optimize feed consumption.

<p>Efficient production</p>
<p>in a Growing World</p>

Efficient production

in a Growing World

Poultry is an important part of diets in diverse populations globally and is the most accessible source of protein in the world. Thus, the global broiler meat market is big and in constant growth. With higher male ratio, farmers can produce more with the exact same feed, coops, equipment and personnel.